Estate Planning


We do not sell documents.

We have numerous people come to us with trusts in place, which have never been “funded.” Newsflash: without “res” or property in a trust? It does not exist.

We perform practical estate planning catered to your needs rather than what many law firms want to “sell” you. We assign homework for you once the initial stage of the process is complete so that everything that could be done, is done. Common sense, practical and “only-what-is-necessary” planning is our aim. You should not have to “do” much of anything after your loved one has died, except maybe get a little guidance.

Wills, Trusts (in rare cases where one is necessary), Powers of Attorney for Healthcare (Medical Directives, Living Wills), Durable Powers of Attorney for Assets, deed drafting, recording, and instructional estate planning are the bedrocks of our practice. Our goal for you is to easily pass on what you have worked hard to acquire–no matter how large or small your estate.